Product RAXORB
RAXORB is a ion-exchanger like inorganic sorbent, especially developed for the deactivation of technological fluids in the nuclear power industry as fluids in the primary cooling circuit, fluids of cooling ponds of spent nuclear fuel, condensate of evaporators, regenerators of ion-exchange resins, liquid radioactive wastes.

A customized RAXORB version is particularly suitable for 99mTc sorption/separation from 99Mo. Besides, in consideration of its relatively low price and its high sorption characteristics, RAXORB has found commercial applications for potable water purification and wine filtration.

RAXORB is made of hydrated oxides of titanium, tin and zirconium combined with phosphates in rutile or anatase crystalline structures developing a specific surface of 70-150 m2/g. The sol-gel technique used to produce RAXORB generates mechanically strong spherical granules with high kinetic characteristics.

RAXORB effectively works in presence of radionuclides concentration in aqueous and water-organic solutions exceeding 1x10-1 g/dm3.

RAXORB is stable to radiations making it suitable for the construction of ion-exchanger filtering devices for the deactivation of strongly radioactive solutions. RAXORB ultimately represents the best alternative to the use of organic ion-exchange resins which application is often limited because of their poor stability under the effect of ionizing radiations.

Ion-exchangers based on the highly selective RAXORB ensure an operational life up to 100 times longer than the life of organic ion-exchange resins in similar conditions. The long operational life allows a high capture rate of radionuclides from solutions including mineralized (saline) ones.

RAXORB is characterized by extremely low water solubility that means high intrinsic safety: at a temperature of 300°C and a pressure of 15 MPa, the solubility is less than 1x10-6 g/dm3.

RAXORB is thermally stable so preserving its physicochemical and sorption properties in presence of pressurized water up to 350°C.

RAXORB is chemically stable in respect to oxidizing agents, reducing agents, acids and alkalis. Stability to radiations together with thermal and chemical stability allow the application of RAXORB in high-pressure and high-temperature environments like deactivation of the primary cooling circuits in nuclear reactors.

As any other ion exchange sorbent, to maximize sorption capacity towards specific elements, RAXORB has to be customized on the characteristics of the media and on the nature of the ions. BIOMEDY produces four major families of inorganic sorbents:

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