Product RAXORB5
RAXORB5 is an inorganic sorbent with a crystalline structure, based on titanium and zirconium oxides, characterized by thermal, chemical and radiation resistance and by selectivity and catalytic activity.

RAXORB5 is produced in with/yellowish spherical granules sizing 0.2-2mm with a well developed specific surface, a high porosity and good mechanical strength.

RAXORB5 is an effective catalyst to catalyst carrier especially for boiling mode processes and as filtering pack in sorption columns.

Product Applications

  • Medicine
    • Generator of 68Ge - 68Ga.
    • Production of 99Mo.
  • Nuclear Power
    • Reactor water coolant decontamination from radionuclides (58Co, 60Co, 51Cr, 65Zn, 54Mn, 90Sr, 106Ru, etc.).
    • Discharged water deactivation from uranium, plutonium, transuranium elements and radionuclides (60Co, 59Fe, 65Zn, 90Sr, etc.).
  • Mining
    • Uranium sorption from sea water to produce uranium concentrate (>0.5g/dm3).
    • Extraction of platinum group metals from chloride solutions and during analytical separation of different anions.
  • Heterogeneous Organic Catalysis
    • Dehydrogenization of alcohols and ethylbenzene, acidilation of aromatic compounds, isomerization, etc.
  • Discharged Gas Detoxication
    • Removal of nitrogen oxides from fuel gases discharged by thermal stations.
    • Removal of organic and inorganic sulfur compounds from discharged industrial gases.
    • Removal of carbon monoxide and organic carbon compounds from combustion gases.
    • Catalytic clean burning out of aggressive organic gases.
  • Pure Substance Technology
    • Purification of substances used in microelectronics, instrumentation, optics, etc.
    • Removal of micro-impurities of heavy and transition metals (W, Mo, Re, Se, Te, V, U, Cr, Cu, Co, etc.) from solutions of different salts.
  • Other
    • Precipitation of heavy metals (Pb, Hg, Cr, V, Mo, etc.), fluorine and phosphate ions from salty solutions.
    • Selective extraction of As from technological solutions (i.e. from hydrometallurgical treatment of salty solutions).
    • Removal of inorganic impurities from organic liquids.