Product RAXORB3A
RAXORB3A is a chemically, crystallo-chemically and morphologically homogenous polymeric material of semi-crystalline structure based on zirconium phosphate [Zr(OH)0,4(HPO4)1,8·nH2O with a homogeneity within 1.5%], practically insoluble in water, hydrochloric and nitric acids, also employable in presence of strong oxidizers and reducers as well as in liquid organic media (including alcohols and ethers).

RAXORB3A is characterized by a cation-exchange sorption capacity, similar to standard inorganic sorbents in neutral media, combined with chemosorption and molecular absorption and by an extended thermal, chemical and radiation resistance.

RAXORB3A is the kernel of a family of bi-functional cation-exchanger of medium efficiency which variants are customized to offer a high selectivity towards specific elements (like Cs, Pb, Be, Ga, Tl, U, etc.) depending on the pH value of the media and on the nature of the cations.

RAXORB3A is produced, with a proprietary sol-gel technology, in glassy white granules of density of about 1.04 Kg/dm3, nearly spherical s

izing 0.4-1.6mm, providing good mechanical strength (more than 10 MPa) and superior kinetic characteristics

Product Applications

  • Nuclear Power
    • Radioactive decontamination of waters of different activity levels and of different chemical composition (i.e. decay storage pool for irradiated fuel elements, effluent of spent fuel processing, etc.).
  • Radiochemistry
    • Applied radiochemistry for the extraction and separation of transplutonium and radionuclides of such elements like Cs, Sr, Co, Ba, rare-earth metals, etc.
    • Applied radiochemistry for the production of radioactive isotopes and ionizing radiation sources.
    • Radioanalytical chemistry and radiomonitoring (i.e. concentration of isotopes from nuclear waste waters).
  • Drinkable Liquid Purification
    • Potable water softening and purification from heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Be, Bi, etc.), radionuclides, active chlorine [In conjunction with RAXORB3].
    • Removal of excess of heavy metals (Ca, K, Fe, Cu, etc.) from wines on juices.
  • Medicine
    • Application as entero and hemo-sorbent for the purification of biological liquids (including hemo-, limpho- and plasma-sorption) from radionuclides, heavy metals and toxic contaminants.
    • Purification circuit of artificial kidneys.
    • Separation and purification of a number of organic materials and preparations.
    • Manufacturing of radioisotopic generators.
    • Carrier in development of new medicines and biological substances.
  • Other
    • Catalysis (upon an appropriate thermal and chemical customization).
    • Analitycal chemistry.