Product RAXORB3
RAXORB3 is a sorbent of polymeric material based on zirconium hydroxide highly selective towards polyvalent anions like Si, As, Mo, Cr, Se, P.

RAXORB3 is produced in glassy white spherical granules sizing 0.4-1mm of density of about 1 Kg/dm3, with a good mechanical strength (more than 10 MPa).

Product Applications

  • Potable Water Purification
    • Potable water purification from polyvalent anions (like arsenates, molybdates, chromates, phosphates, etc.), silicon, boron, fluorine and active chlorine [In conjunction with RAXORB3A].
  • Medicine
    • Sorbent in the purification circuit of artificial kidneys.
    • Biological liquid decontamination by hemo-, lynpho- and plasma-sorption to remove heavy metals, polyvalent anions and toxic impurities.
  • Others
    • Chromatographic sorbent and carrier in liquid chromatography especially in alkali environment (pH>9).