Product BIOREM
BIOREM from BIOMEDY is based on the long standing Sulfate-Reducing-Bacteria Technology.

BIOREM refers to a sophisticated on-site biological remediation for the decontamination of polluted ground waters (both surface and underground waters). Such pollution, usually caused by disposal of wastes from operation of mines, metallurgical plants, chemical and oil industries, urban dumpsites, or by intensive use of mineral fertilizer in agriculture, calls for an immediate remedy since its dramatic impact on ecology and ultimately on the quality of life.

BIOREM has been proven to be effective in replacing little efficient chemico-physical processes (like pump-and-treat method) and is currently applicable when ground waters are polluted with sulfates, nitrates, surfactants, toxic metals (like Cu, Hg, As, Cr, Cd, V, Se, Mo, etc.), radio-nuclides (like U, Th, Cs, Sr, etc.) and organic compounds (like oil products, formaldehyde, etc.).

The implementation of BIOREM consists in the creation of on-site barriers, made of appropriate biomasses injected into the ground, able to drastically reduce the pollutant concentration. The end product of the remediation is represented by insoluble metallic compounds and carbonates while radio-nuclides are transposed to a stable insoluble phase and organic compounds are transformed into CO2 and H2O by an anaerobic decomposition.

BIOREM has already been applied and recognized as an excellent remedy in a number of heavy applications (like uranium mine, copper mine, uranium processing plant, etc.) and is ready to be used in many others (like nitrogenized waters of rivers and lakes, waste disposal and dumpsites, gold mines, coal processing plants, coal and oil power plants, over fertilized fields, etc.).

Laboratory simulation
Biomass Incubation (Field test)
Biomass Injection (Field test)
BIOREM, the BIOMEDY's Sulfate-Reducing-Bacteria Technology (patents pending) provides a number of advantages compared to other mechanical, chemical, biological or mixed technologies.
  • BIOREM is fast in implementation: depending on the kind of contamination and status of the environment, efficiency is optimized just finely tuning a proprietary generalized approach.
  • BIOREM employs only indigenous anaerobic bacteria and consequently does not poses any threat to living beings in general and to humans and animals in particular.
  • BIOREM does not uses any engineered bacteria; the desired threshold of biomass is made up of only bacterial species retrieved from the natural soil and from water at the contaminated site.
  • BIOREM biomass is not affected by temperature, pressure and other physical parameters at the injection point.
  • BIOREM bacterial activity is mostly feed by sulfates present in the contaminated site and such activity decreases to cease when sulfates are no longer available as a food source: the end product from bacteria decomposition is a safe, insoluble compound of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).
  • BIOREM treats the contaminating agents directly on-site and does not require any further processing of the waters on the surface so that costly pumping and high flow-rate treatment stations are not needed.
  • BIOREM does not recycle contamination at the site but eliminates it so preventing fresh ground waters from further pollution too.
  • BIOREM is fast in remediation: a fully decontamination and recovery process takes place in a matter of months rather than years and its tendency is assessable in a matter of days.

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