Product Bioleach
BIOLEACH is the BIOMEDY's technology for biological leaching of metals.
Nowadays mineral resources are mostly represented by refractory and low grade ores what ultimately leads to the increase of extraction costs. To complicate the operational scenario of mining industry, mounting ecological concerns refrain to use ultimate extraction methods like those employing strong chemical compounds. In the other hand there exists a considerable amount of valuable metals in left tailings worth to recovery provided that an economically viable technology is available.
BIOLEACH from BIOMEDY is an ecologically friendly biological technology applicable to geology that has been conceived to correctly approach the overall solution of the extraction problems by engaging consortium of naturally occurring microorganisms and products of their metabolism. 30 years of comprehensive studies of the activity of such microorganisms in different minerals, both in the labs and in the fields, has led to understand the mechanisms of interaction between microbiology, geology and chemistry on which BIOLEACH is based.

BIOLEACH is the technology that will make profitable the exploitation of previously off-grades ores.

BIOLEACH is a technology for the direct leaching of metals by using indigenous aerobic microorganisms that are grown under appropriate conditions till the required level of biomass concentration is reached into the ore. BIOLEACH is a unique proprietary method whose simplicity is derived from enhancing maximum efficiency out of natural biochemical processes while its robustness is assured by the ability to work in non-sterile conditions in low demanding environments. Under extreme conditions some engineering works could be necessary to facilitate the bacterial activity.

BIOLEACH is a definitely a generalized technology, ore independent, requiring only an appropriate tuning for each application case. No particular pre-treatments of the ore are ever required and most of the valuable metals can be directly leached (Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, Pb, PGM, V, Ni, Co) for further recovery by conventional hydro-metallurgical methods.

BIOLEACH is the technology that allows mining operation in a clean, neutral and friendly environment.
Ultimately, BIOLEACH is an environmentally friendly bio-geo-chemical technology that does not involve any dangerous chemical compound but uses only liquid carriers for microorganisms and their nutrients. Cyanidation for gold extraction or hard to implement pressurized acid leaching (PAL) can find a much inexpensive and ecologically sustainable alternatives.
Pictures show BIOMEDY's BIOLEACH bacteria at work!
BIOLEACH can be implemented in heap-leaching mode as well as agitation mode according to the characteristics of the mineral and its initial coarseness. In general, heap-leaching is justified for treatment of off-grade ores and for reprocessing of tailings while agitation mode is suggested for in-grade ores and concentrates.
BIOLEACH and BIOREM, properly combined, are the technologies to regenerate the environment while recovering metals in an economically self-sustaining process.

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