BIOMEDY AG was incorporated under the Swiss Law in 1995 ( reg. No. CH-170.3.0202.005-7 ) to comprehensively merge into a single entity all the environmental businesses carried out by several other organizations.

BIOMEDY is a fully private shareholding company, mainly owned by its key personnel, completely self financed and having has objective:

The acquisition, development, implementation and trading of technologies and products, including bio-geo-chemical means, applicable to environmental science

The cores of BIOMEDY technology originated in the former Soviet Union where they have been ideated, developed and tested since middle of 1960's.

In 1991 BIOMEDY's parent company, long acquainted with the Soviet Union scientific community, acquired those kernels and provided a new financial impulse to organically shape what will later appear on the market as BIOREMediation and BIOLEACHing. For about one decade (1991-1999) the major investments have been focused on the technologies porting, on their engineering implementation also in full scale projects and definitely on their on-site validation.

In 2000, to properly integrate its biological tools, BIOMEDY entered into an option agreement to acquire a Russian entity with unique capabilities in developing, customizing and producing specialized inorganic sorbents (RAXORB) for radionuclides. Thus, since 2000 BIOMEDY has had the opportunity to add relevant experiences in the critical and demanding area of radioactive decontaminations.

Starting 1999, being the biological processes predictable, stable and reliable, which meant well ahead of the R&D phase, BIOMEDY started its independent marketing actions more focused on practical demonstration rather than on astonishing claims and announcements.

Although BIOMEDY intends to operate on the field only in cooperation with local entities always welcome, as per February 2003 it also maintains direct operations in Russia, South Africa, Canada and South America to support ongoing projects.

Registered Office
Industriestrasse 47
CH-6300 Zug - Switzerland
Phone (Adm.): +41 41 710 3124
Fax: +41 41 710 3324

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